Saturday, October 2, 2010

things on my desk

I cannot keep my desk clean, and such disorderliness greatly hinders my productivity. Not only do I have no room to do work, but it also inspires me to write posts like this one.


Keeps things interesting, doesn't it?
No. No, it doesn't.
  1. Colin. Ugly, poorly designed, but gets the job done (mostly). This is the last time I let my dad talk me into a Dell. Hopefully.
  2. Speakers. Yes. I have needed these for so long. Sub-woofer under the desk (perfect thing to terrorize the neighbors).
  3. External hard drive. My soul in a box, basically.
  4. Change in a macadamia nut tin.
  5. Ikea desk lamp
  6. Mini-Moleskine journals for an Illustration project. Because I am a pretentious sucker.
  7. C-Thru right angle ruler that my drawing teacher had us get for some as-of-yet-unknown purpose.
  8. Glasses. For my vision.
  9. Short story concept sketch :)
  10. Depleted bag of baby carrots (save one carrot with suspicious black spot that I examined too closely and couldn't bring myself to eat:
  11. Pilot G-2 05 black pen. Favorite brand of pen. Presently I prefer 05 over 07.
  12. Simple mouse (surprisingly hard to find) with SolidWorks mouse pad. I have been using this mouse pad (that my dad got as a freebie for beta-ing) since I got my first laptop seven years ago.
  14. Tea Forte tea tray in bone white. Suitable for skeleton tea parties.
  15. 70% cacao dark chocolate. Complete with Edward Coate Pinkney love poem ("As one may see the burthened bee forth issue from the rose..."). I don't think he knew very much about the life of bees.
  16. Gold and black inks. Half of them are mine.
  17. Pens in a soup can!

    1. Less fine drawing pen I stole from my high school
    2. Draughting pencils. I have a lot of these, but why?
    3. Pilot G-2 07* mechanical pencil. Best mechanical pencil ever.
    4. Fine drawing pen. Birthday present from Nora.

    5. PILOT G-2sssss

    6. Official Andúril replica. Freebie with the LOTR BlueRay set that my dad felt compelled to buy. I use it as a letter opener (most epic letter opener ever? Perhaps).

  18. GUMMY VITAMINS (For Adults) and calcium vitamins (because I have Osteoporosis written all over my milk-hating body)
  19. Ugly fat chef mug from Fred Meyer (holla) with Coconut Chai residue
  20. HeadPWNS
  21. Rulers that are never long enough
  22. Stuff I didn't feel like labeling individually (sketchbook, tape measure, rape alarm, fish wire, CURIOUS GEORGE PENCIL CASE, Ticonderoga pencil**, belt)
  23. Paper chain that I found on the Brown campus. Can be worn as shackles. Proven.
  24. Origami butterfly :)

Man, a lot of brand names in this one. Product placement (but only because they are products that I have placed on my desk).

*I've always used 07 lead because it was the only size that B hardness lead seemed to come in. I haven't been able to find B hardness pencil lead for awhile, but for some reason I'm still using 07, even though I prefer finer pens.
**Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite pencils to sketch with. I feel less finicky with them than when I'm using drawing pencils of higher quality. Are they archival? Who knows? All I know is that Ticonderoga SOFT pencils are my favorite (and the erasers never dry out. Never. How do they do it? Magic, obviously).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's my name!
I still have my calligraphy pen somewhere. I got a new super fancy one from Venice for Chrimbus from the grand-parents, but I need to replace the tip 'cause it's shit...
I don't think I've done work at my desk. Ever. But I keep shit on it :D

3/6/11, 11:27 PM  

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