Monday, September 6, 2010


Most overly dramatic title ever? Possibly. It's particularly fitting when paired with this sunset-drenched anthro coughfurrycough calendar picture that I stumbled across (to my chagrin). I ganked the title for my first blog post, however, as I am of course embarking on a journey just as epic as any sabre-toothed man-tiger keeping a fluffy bunny company against a background of majestic, mountainous wilderness. Not just the blog, but also my first year in the illustration department of the Rhode Island School of Design. I can't help but feel that I am joining a league of greatness whose amazing propensity for being amazing I don't quite live up to. Not yet, anyways.

No matter. Plenty of time to walk the fine line between overwhelming confidence and equally overwhelming despair. For now, a bit of unfinished drawing that I am currently fond of and hope to color once I get the pressure sensitivity of my new tablet to behave itself:

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