Friday, September 17, 2010

getting settled

Classes began on Wednesday, and I have good feelings about this year. It is going to be challenging, and I would not want it any other way. My greatest hope for this year? To tap into something I always knew I was capable of--not something new, mind. Something that has always been here and that I have always been using in bits and pieces, but I need to let it out. I have a couple of ideas that are going to need to be changed before I'm through here. I'm the only thing that has ever been able to hold me back.

I'm coming up with, not rules per se, but sort of reminders for myself while I'm here. So far there are as follows:

1. It's about the idea.
2. Say something.
3. Original doesn't exist.
4. Don't be precious.
5. Work.
6. Start anywhere.
7. Look around.
8. You're here for a reason.
9. Be honest.

Mantras get me through my hangups, what can I say?

In further news, I finally got the pressure sensitivity on my tablet to work. Hopefully it will not go all wonky on me again. In celebration, I drew a grumpy guy.

With a huge chin. Beats the lobster-man version with the 70s hair that I almost gave up on last-night.

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