Monday, March 14, 2011

in all seriousness

Finally wrote a résumé and updated my portfolio. Or at least, mostly updated it. There is still some stuff from 2009 in it. Hopefully I can begin to phase some of that out when I get better about digitally documenting my Illustration classwork from last semester, and the stuff I am currently working on this semester.

I should probably go through stuff I've done outside of class too at some point, but I am less than confident in most of it. Basically, I'll just need to keep refining my portfolio. But at least I have the résumé. That feels pretty good.

Maybe one day I'll actually make myself a real website. Hmm.



Blogger Ana said...

love some the sketchbook work

3/14/11, 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I finally made a resume kind of lame though, since I've only had one internship and no jobs... oh well.
I wish I had more films for a portfolio. I really have very few things that aren't silly family movies :/
One day I wish to have a website. And a business card.

3/17/11, 2:04 PM  

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